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- I don't really buy the idea that Annie's story had come to an end. I can understand that it's a logical place to leave it but I don't think it was a necessary end. I'm biased as I love Annie but her scenes with 'her boys' have been my favourite this series. For the past four series, they've hinted at Annie being incredibly powerful. I think she was the strongest of the original trio - the character who always held it together, in her own quiet way - but I don't think we ever really saw everything scary-blue-eyed Annie was capable of. I also find it a tiny bit irksome that Annie seemingly had to go because Mitchell and George had. I don't think that does the character justice at all.

- Mark Gatiss! As a horror fan, I can't help feeling he must have adored playing Mr Snow. I'm huge fan of his but I was nonetheless surprised at how creepy he was. Just...dead-behind-the-eyes creepy.

- Andrew Gower was wonderful. I'm sad to see Cutler go and wish he could have stayed on for another season.

- Loved the Christ references, particularly the quote from 'The Prodigal Son' and the 'Last Supper' seating arrangements.

- This felt like the weakest episode of what has otherwise been a really brilliant series. It felt oddly rushed in places and disjointed in others.

- I wasn't so keen in Alex this episode but I think that may have more to do with the weak plotting than anything. I will miss Annie but I like Alex so far.

- I'm genuinely quite surprised that they went there with baby Eve. I know Annie saved the world - hurray! - but it's still a bit morally....grey. Right?

- Lastly, I'm not a huge fan of gore. I squirmed a lot and had to turn my head away from the screen twice during 'The War Child'. It was a fun kind of squirming, though. I found myself being both disgusted and kind of amused that there were bits of Cutler falling onto the carpet. I'm not sure I could cope with gore all the time but it was sort of pantomine-y fun.