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...And with those words (spoken in his rather lovely Radio Four voice) I fell a little bit in love with Hal.

'Being Human' has been rather ace of late. 

It was one of those shows that I stuck with, rather than properly enjoyed. Series one had some lovely moments ("Fun is such a bourgeois concept" and Nina's beyond brilliant take-down of a posturing, faux-macho George being two of them) but it never really lived up to the pilot for me. I watched series two and three for the characters but had kind of lost interest in the actual story arcs. With the departure of Mitchell and various spoilers I'd read about George and Nina I'd pretty much decided to call it a day. 

I was idly channel hopping the other Sunday and came across the show and left it on for a bit. Within five minutes I was laughing. Properly laughing. It's funny, 'Being Human'. I'd forgotten that it could be funny. 

I've since watched episodes two and three and I'm really enjoying it - those two episode have been more fun than series two and three combined. The show seems to be funnier, more buoyant and, for want of a better word, warmer than it has been for a very long time. The previous couple of series, even to some extent the first, felt almost leaden with constant angst and histrionics. The friendships, the surrogate family of Annie, George and Mitchell seemed to disintegrate, along with the low-key 'Being Human' premise of the pilot and the early episodes.

Annie was always my favourite. I find it odd that she gets criticised for being a 'weak' character. That was never my impression of her. While Mitchell and George seemed to deal with their problems by hurting themselves and those around them, Annie seemed to be the only one to retain any shred of altruism, the only one who really held it together. While the show has been a little inconsistent regarding her abilities and her character, I think she's always been likeable. 

Hal and Tom are wonderful and the actors have great chemistry together. I'm really like Hal's self-possession and dry humour ("Are you somehow drunk?"). Tom's still adorable and I love that being brought up in the forest has left him slightly socially awkward, to the extent that he'll chat away to a stranger about people being murdered as casually as if he's talking about the weather. I also love how strictly he adheres to McNair's ideals about chivalry (on seeing an issue of 'Nuts' - "You should always treat women with respect; even if they're in the nuddie). Aw, McNair. I miss McNair.

l do kind of miss the old line-up. To the extent that I've not watched the first episode of this series because I know I'll cry pathetic, geeky tears. However, it's the characters - and actors - that I miss rather than their story arcs.

I'm just a bit concerned that people will no longer watch the show now they've left, when it seems to be at it's strongest. I'd also hate for it to go the way of series two and three. Please, please, please, please Mr Whithouse, could we have more more the same and less of the angst and no histrionics whatsoever? Pretty please?